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OnlyOrigin, a decentralized NFT marketplace based on Web3.0. OnlyOrigin will work with creators to create some curated and verified collections of NFTs, hoping that more NFTs with good storytelling, utility and gameplay can gain real value and provide users with high-quality original, unique and diverse transformed NFTs. OnlyOrigin aims to create a gamified NFT trading platform, by developing a series of interesting features, enabling more creative collection methods, and is committed to making NFT accessibility and NFT purchases more practical and playable than ever before .
OnlyOrigin provides collections with an exclusive release calendar of NFT releases, listing install release times and dates. Buyers can see all the information about the collectible in the list, including the blockchain hosting the collection, introduction to the collection, how to play, etc.
OnlyOrigin offers collectors the opportunity to unbox rare digital collectibles. Buyers can see what's in each collection. Each collection consists of individually wrapped NFTs compiled by independent creative teams working with the platform. Each collectible included in the set varies in rarity and price, but each NFT is sold one piece at a time for the same price.
Most curiously, buyers don't know which item in the collection they will receive after purchasing. At the same time, in order to increase the fun, we will add extremely valuable collectibles to some collections and distribute them randomly through NFT.
OnlyOrigin offers collectors the opportunity to buy back at the original price. We will launch the original price repurchase service for different collectibles from time to time. Buyers can sell exclusive digital collectibles at the issue price and get the same token as the issue price. Buyers can reduce collection risk and investment risk by repurchasing at OnlyOrigin.
OnlyOrigin provides collectors with a new way of burning NFTs - we will collaborate with curators to launch rarer and exclusive digital collectibles from time to time, and collectors can see what's in each collection. These rarer and exclusive digital collectibles can only be obtained by burning designated NFTs.
OnlyOrigin allows collectors to make your NFTs work by renting them out. This method will retain your NFT ownership, intervene in the asset through a lease agreement, and earn income from your asset. Collectors can also acquire items for their favorite games and rent out land in virtual worlds.
Last Updated: October 1, 2022
Q3,  2022

Website Testing Completed

Creator Recruitment

Release Market Beta

Q4,  2022

Officially Launched

NFTs Blind Box

NFTs Synthesis

Repurchase Mechanism

Christmas Event

Q1,  2023

Platform Operation Optimization

Pledge Mechanism

Rentable Mechanism

Secondary Trading Market

Nfts + Physical Art Sales

Q2,  2023

Creator Incentive Plan

Launched China Station